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To promote the wise use of natural resources and enhance the economic vitality of the Greater Adirondack region

Tenant Creek waterfall
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NYS-DEC Ecology Camp

The Greater Adirondack RC&D Council provides scholarships for teens to attend the Ecology Camp run by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation at Pack Forest in Warrensburg, NY.

Pack Forest offers teens who are 15 to 17 years old a chance to explore forestry, aquatic biology, wildlife management, field ecology and other environmental issues. Workshop attendees learn about professional forestry techniques, such as the use of Biltmore sticks and increment borers. The program emphasizes group dynamics and teamwork as essential to the environmental decision-making process. Staff encourages interaction, communication and cooperation as campers seek solutions to group challenge activities. Students also discover their individual strengths and abilities.

Please contact the Greater Adirondack RC&D Office  for additional information regarding camper scholarships.

Camper standing at Pack Forest sign

Additional information about Pack Forest Ecology Camp can be found here.