The Greater Adirondack RC&D Council is involved in a variety of projects in support of itís mission.

The Greater Adirondack RC&D Council provides material and funding to local Soil and Water Conservation Districts to work with local rural fire departments to install dry hydrants in their communities.


Tenant Creek waterfall
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Greater Adirondack Resource

Conservation & Development Council

To promote the wise use of natural resources and enhance the economic vitality of the Greater Adirondack region

Waterfest is an annual family fun event celebrating all things related to water resources.

Water related exhibitors, games, demonstrations and programs are available for the whole family.

A directory of custom sawyers and portable sawmills in the Greater Adirondack Region is available in .pdf format.

The Greater Adirondack Resources Conservation and Development (RC&D) Council with assistance from NRCS is starting a Portable Skidder Bridge Free Loan and Education Program in the New York State Lake Champlain Basin.

The goals of the Portable Skidder Bridge Initiative are to:

 Provide portable skidder bridges free of charge to loggers

 Inform loggers, landowners and foresters about the benefits of using portable skidder bridges through information and education;

 Assist businesses in the fabrication and sale of portable skidder bridges.

This program encourages venison donation from hunters, reimburses meat processors for processing donated venison and distributes donations to food banks.

The Greater Adirondack RC&D Council assisted with the installation of an accessible trail and fishing dock in Rock Creek Park, Saratoga County.

The Salmon in the Classroom programs goal is to engage students, parents, and community members in positive environmental stewardship through increased awareness of the unique salmon life cycle and habitat requirements.† By studying salmon habitat, water quality, and the salmon themselves, students can learn about the interrelationships of species within their local watershed. In learning how to protect the salmon's environment, the students are ultimately learning how to protect their own environment.

The Greater Adirondack RC&D Council provides scholarships for teens to attend the Ecology Camp run by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation at Pack Forest in Warrensburg, NY.